An exercise to help you stretch your creative muscles – Connect-A-Doodle January 9, 2017

Pop My Mind has teamed up with entrepreneur Stuart Vincent to visualise a new way that artists can create a response to one another’s work.

The challenge is to create a brand-new piece of work in a 10cm x 10cm square which has been influenced or inspired by Karis Lambert’s starting image – Crow.

An extra optional challenge !

If you are feeling like really pushing yourself, we recommend trying to connect some or all of the four lines visible in the template. See our example below!

Download the template here.

Connect A Doodle PDF 2 Squares


(Right click to save the template or create your own 10cm x 10cm square)

Once a considerable number of squares have been created, we will connect them all together into one piece of work. Imagine a huge quilt made up of the different squares by multiple artists! By the end, we are hoping to produce an incredible connected, collaborative piece of artwork which we will display digitally or exhibit in Norwich.

Get popping! View the challenge on the Pop My Mind platform here

Deadline: February 28th 2017