A Walk through the Seasons with Michelle Bowden April 19, 2018

Michelle Bowden’s Reflection is a beautiful stop-motion animation which captures the body walking through the different seasons and places. Her work truly reflects how you can lose yourself in nature and also from the stresses that burden the mind.



Michelle Bowden got inspiration for her piece from Roseanne Sarah Ganley’s, Creative Thoughts – part 1 of 2. Ganley stated that in her work can be seen as ‘exploring mental health and our personal relationships with the self’. The exploration of the self is an aspect that can be seen clearly in Bowen’s inspired piece as she claims it portrays, ‘my inner self can be seen meditating in my favourite surroundings, at peace’.

Perhaps the changing seasons could be symbolic of her changing thoughts. Perhaps the sunny scene, with full trees and a bright blue sky, are representative of a one thought, and the sudden sharp interjection of the mellow yet bright colours of autumn indicate a sudden shift in thought. The flickering of colours that accompany the changing scene show how thoughts, and the feelings that come with them, are fleeting. This could be Bowden’s reflection on the fast-paced working of the mind, as there is hardly time to process one photo before it changes to the next.

Despite the fast-moving pace of the photos, Bowden’s feet stay at a constant pace. The stability of her feet despite the fleeting images that wash over the body display an unusual aspect of human nature, the bodies state of permanence despite the change that runs throughout our minds.

Stop-motion animation is an excellent medium in demonstrating the intimacy of everyday activities. Due to the slight pauses between movement in stop animation, the person watching begins to speculate what part of the work will next be shown. In Michelle Bowden’s work, we are wondering which scene will next be shown, will it be sunny or will it be autumn? Will it be pink or will it be blue? In Andrea Hauer work, Resting Serie #01 we are wondering what the word ‘bed’ will prompt her to create. Every pause reveals a new line, a new description, whilst in Michelle Bowden, every other step prompts a change of season.


Stop-motion animation shows the gradual creation of a piece of artwork by the addition of chunks or lines of art at intervallic time. It is this aspect which makes stop-motion animation a great way to rid your mind of creative-blockage as you begin to automatically speculate what will appear before your eyes next!

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By Leah Bennett