A look at surrealism in digital artist Alvaro Sánchez’ work April 13, 2017

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In this article we will be looking at one of Pop My Mind’s newer artists Alvaro Sánchez who is a self-taught graphics designer based in Guatemala City. Collaborating and publishing work for art and design magazines around the world, his art has been exhibited in countries such as France, Germany, Spain and USA. Inspired by literature, poetry, music and paintings on Pop My Mind, he has used digital media to produce his current submissions on the platform, particularly he is inspired by his experiences living in Guatemala City..

As quoted in his piece Cárcel Alvaro says “skulls are a key subject in my work” and in this article we will look at how Alvaro incorporates theme and subject in his work.


Cárcel – Alvaro Sánchez

Cárcel is a digital piece created by Alvaro which depicts two humanoid figures standing either side of a skull that is placed on a table. The image has been created by using grey-scale which could be a visual representation to show how human nature can be dark and shady. Another way Alvaro has represented his views on human nature is by showing one of the figures holding a bird in one hand but the other hand holding a scythe-like weapon behind its back. The subject of the skull relays the theme of death and science and by placing the skull at the centre of the piece it allows us to connect these themes to the central idea of the human.


Monumentos al asco Alvaro Sánchez

“Hate is corrosive” is the description given by Alvaro in his piece Monumentos al asco which depicts a portrait that has been destroyed. In this piece again Alvaro has used dark colours to portray the darkness of the mind through anger and hate. Alvaro’s idea of the corrosion caused by hate is shown the lack of a face in his piece. It could be interpreted that the hatred felt by the subject of the piece has left them unrecognisable and a different person.


UntitledAlvaro Sánchez

Alvaro’s piece Untitled was created in response to Haze’s instrumental track Pageantry which shows a bird sitting on a tree with what appears to be a red moon in the night sky. Again this piece was created digitally which allows Alvaro more freedom when creating his composition, in this piece he has used white and red on black to make his work stand out more but also create the sense of night. The moon-like image in the top left could be related back to the idea of the ‘blood moon’, which was seen to be a harbinger of the apocalypse. Once again we have the subject of the skeleton clearly visible in the piece which could be related back to the danger hinted by the blood moon.


Senderos Inexplicables – Alvaro Sánchez

Senderos Inexplicables is a digital piece which appears to show figures working together to create a head. This piece has many different aspects to it such as Alvaro’s use of symmetry for the two parts of the head that are being connected and well as the use of numbers to show how each piece is matched up like a jigsaw piece. Alvaro has created a sense of surrealism as he uses plant roots to show the growth of the human mind in the piece. The use of figures can also represent how the people we come in contact with help build and shape our personalities.


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Written by Jack Bailey


Featured image: Cárcel by Alvaro Sánchez