5 tips for How to Communicate with Artists November 17, 2017

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, our BIGGEST asset is our creative community and we love seeing exciting brands and charities working with our artists to do something cool and meaningful!

Ever wondered how to get the most out of working with artists? Here are our 5 Tips for Communicating with Artists!

Respect and value their skills

Like any person or team of people you’ve contracted to do something for you in the past, an artist is someone with a specific set of skills who you want to help with something that you yourself can’t do due to time restrictions or lack of expertise. The first step to communication is letting them know that you believe their skills are unique and valuable to your company, which will result in increased profits in the future. This way you will guarantee that the person you’re working with feels valued, and a happy worker increases productivity after all!


Image above: Mind Drop by Steve Joyce

Be transparent

Don’t feel tentative about telling an artist what you would or would not like to get out of a project – take it from us, for any commissioned or bespoke work, an artist wants to have as much information as possible! If you prefer a specific style which the artist has used but not another, or if you only like one single piece of work they’ve done and want to see if they can recreate it, simply ask. You won’t offend them (so long as you say it nicely of course) and the more direction you give at the start, the more likely the work produced will fit your vision.

Image above: Memories of a Bed by Sat Biswas

Let the artist get to know your brand

Have a think – is there anything that you can do to enable the artist to learn more about you and your company? This could be as simple as pointing them to certain web pages on your website, to sending them marketing videos and past campaigns, to sharing your brand values or style sheets. You could take it the extra mile and give the artist a free sample of your product, a tour around your office, or a quick meeting with an appropriate core member of your team for them to really get to grips with how you work and how you want to present yourself.


Image above: ONE by Sander Steins

Let them do their thing

Once you’ve given them as much information as you can muster and the artist is ready to go, sit back and let them take care of things. Giving too many restrictions and tweaks to the piece in progress can limit the creative flair of the artist and leave you with something dull which neither of you particularly likes. However, trusting in their expertise by giving the artist some creative freedom and flexibility will mean they can make something that is both in line with their strengths and your brand image.


Image above: BOOM by Bethany Walker

Treat people like people

This is a phrase which we refer to a lot at Pop My Mind, because it reminds us that no matter who we’re speaking to and what position they may be in, they are always a human being who deserves being treated like one! Don’t forget that the artists you’re working with are real people who have families, a sense of humour and bad morning breath just like you. So treat them with honesty and kindness like you would do to anyone, pay them fairly and promptly for their work, and say please and thank you of course.


Still not sure on how best to communicate with artists or want to leave it to someone else? Get in touch and we’ll manage your creative project for you, using our pool of handpicked, creative talent to bring your ideas to life!

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